God In Our Marriage


Stop the glorification of BUSY!

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the busy-ness of your life that you can forget to invite God into your marriage.

God is always there at all times in your marriage. He's there when you are at your highest moments, at your lowest and in your bedroom.

You will see God in the little areas as He impacts you and your marriage.

Included in this online audio program collection:

1. Where is God in My Marriage? 
2. Power of Prayer
3. Are You Aware?
4. Don’t Stop
5. God Wants You to Make an Impact
6. Jesus in My Bedroom
7. The Strain of Change
8. The Christmas Story


Your spiritual intimacy is vitally important in your marriage. You will be equipped to invite God into your marriage, to recognize the impact He is having on the two of you and to see how having God at the center of your marriage brings everything else into alignment. 

Once ordered you will receive an email with a link to each program. You then can download to your mobile device or computer.

Run time: 30-40 minutes per show.


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