Jesus Changes Everything

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7 Key Teachings of Jesus to Live Your Best Marriage

What could the words of a carpenter 2,000 years ago mean to your marriage today?

Everything. We didn't always see it this way, but fortunately we've learned to listen to and (usually) apply the many lessons that Jesus shares in the gospels to our marriage.

We’ve been called to care for our spouse at all times.

If you'd like help unpacking the beautiful messages of the gospel and applying them to your marriage, we’re excited to share Jesus Changes Everything.

What You'll Learn: 

—How to open up the key teachings of Jesus and apply them to your married life today
—How to experience more joy and happiness in your marriage each day through simple practices shared right in the Bible
—The powerful mindset shift you can use during tough times to feel God's love and share it with your spouse
—The biggest mistake couples make when dealing with a lack of connection... and how to grow in your spiritual intimacy no matter where you're starting
—How to kill the worship of BUSYNESS so you can reconnect more deeply with your family
—Exactly how to deepen your faith life & let it transform your love life in a step-by-step plan (even if you practice your faith differently)
—And so much more!

What's Included:

—Jesus Changes Everything is a Full 90-Minute Recorded Workshop with Author and Marriage Expert Alisa DiLorenzo
—The workshop and Q&A session recordings are provided in video (mp4) format, audio (mp3) format and PDF slides for you to learn and share with your spouse.
—1  hour of related audio discussion from our #1 Rated Marriage Podcast

Everything you need to dive deeper into you spiritual intimacy is available to you right now. Grab Jesus Changes Everything today!

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