Almost Out The Door


No one ever said that marriage was easy and you are not alone if you have found yourself at that place where you or your spouse are almost out the door.

Tony & Alisa found themselves at the door to divorce twice in their marriage and know that it’s not an easy place to be-for either of you.

In this online audio program collection you are going to gain insights and wisdom on how you can shut the door on divorce. 

Included in this online audio program collection:

1. I’m Finished, I Want Out
2. Back When the World Made Sense
3. The Grass Isn’t Always Green
4. I Don’t Care
5. What’s Wrong With My Marriage
6. When Darkness Falls
7. Covenant or Contract
8. Contract of Reconciliation

It’s not easy when the two of you have hurt each other so deeply but it doesn’t have to be the end. In the 4+ hours of audio material you will gain insight into what is going on and what you can do to start rebuilding your marriage. 

Once ordered you will receive an email with a link to each program. You then can download to your mobile device or computer.

Run time: 30-40 minutes per show.

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