Adult Sex Dice Set


Spice up your love life with the adult sex dice game incorporating 60 erotic foreplay options and 36 positions for couples to enjoy.

Material: Acrylic
Color: Black & White
Use: Adult
Quantity: 5 PCS

3 x 12-sided: 36 different positions
1 x 6-sided: Stroke, Kiss, Lick, Blow, Suck, You Choose
1 x 10-sided: Toes, Nipples, XXX, Ass, Fingers, Neck, Inner Thigh, Below Navel, Lips, Ears

--Endless possibilities at the same time throwing dice in different combinations, experience a variety of different sexual encounters.
-- Graphic explanation each dice to provide detailed text and picture, easily identify different sexual behaviors.
-- Easy to carry velvet bag packaging, lightweight and portable.

It's fairly self-explanatory, but in case you need some initial guidance, we set out the rules of the game for you!

Improve and spice up your sexual intimacy by rolling the 6- and 10-sided dice together to generate up to 60 different foreplay actions for him and for her. Then get adventurous by rolling the three 12-sided dice to decide which 2 of the 24 positions you're going to take on first - keep rolling to keep the fun going!

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