Called to Love: Experiencing Your Best Marriage Through the Words of Jesus


Marriage doesn't have to be so complicated. There is a manual on how to do this thing called "happily ever after."

Alisa is learning that marriage is about taking the words of Jesus and applying them to your relationship everyday. In Called to Love she will help you:
  • Look at your spouse the way that Jesus does.
  • Take time to pray for your marriage instead of just
           "Heaven help me."
  • Transform your relationship into what God intended for your
           marriage when the two of you became one.

Sometimes, marriage is the hardest thing you have ever done. There are days when you feel all alone, seasons where you find yourself wondering, “How did we get here?”

You have found yourself with nowhere to turn and you just wish that there was a guide to help you figure out this thing called marriage.

In Called to Love, Alisa DiLorenzo, shares with you where you can find that guide as she takes you on a journey through the words of Jesus.

You’ll learn that Jesus’ words weren’t just recorded to fill the pages in the Bible or to be a great example of how to live your life, they are a blueprint on how to do marriage.

Through the words of Jesus you will become equipped to have the extraordinary marriage that you are longing for.

It’s time to do what Jesus called you to do. It’s time to love.

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