Relationship Coaching Session


Do You Need Personal Help To Improve Your Marriage? Is marriage coaching right for you?

Talking about your marriage can be a sensitive subject. Words can be taken the wrong way and suddenly you have an argument on your hands. You hurt your marriage instead of helping it. It’s amazing how little things can be hurting your relationship…

Or big things you don’t even realize are happening. Problems are swept under the covers and ignored… Until suddenly someone asks for a divorce.

Your Initial Strategy Session

During this initial session Alisa is going to be getting to know you, reviewing your answers to the questionnaire and developing an understanding for how you best work.

Alisa approaches each individual as an individual, there are not cookie cutter approaches to the work that she does with clients.

All of the work that Alisa does with clients, from the initial session on, is about working with you to create strategies that you can implement in your life. This begins in the initial session and is the goal of every session.

To succeed, you'll need to consider these three questions:

1. Are you committed?
In other words, are you willing to change, and will you be faithful to your commitment to change?

2. Are you available?
To get the best results, you will make a time commitment both in and out of the coaching session.

3. Are you coachable?
We can show you options and guide you, but you will have to take action. We can't do it for you.

Improve Your Marriage Starting Today

How much would you invest to save your marriage? Remember, this is the relationship that has the biggest impact on your happiness and satisfaction.

You should be willing to invest thousands on your marriage.

Your 60 Minute Strategy Session is just $150.

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