Cuddle Up


Both of you have a deep desire to feel loved, to be romanced. You don’t want to just be noticed on Valentine’s Day but on all of the other day’s of the year as well.

It’s time to start doing the little things that make up that big thing called LOVE. 

Tony & Alisa address how you can grow closer together by incorporating different touches in your marriage.

Included in this online audio program collection:

1. Cuddle Up
2. Will You Go Out With Me?
3. Hold My Hand
4. The Power of Touch
5. I’m Thankful For
6. Write Me a Letter, Speak to My Heart
7. Valentine’s Day is More Than Just One Day
8. An Attitude of Service

The little things done often lead to a connection that the two of you will enjoy for years to come. You have the opportunity to make an impact in your marriage today. 

Once ordered you will receive an email with a link to each program. You then can download to your mobile device or computer.

Run time: 30-40 minutes per show.

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