Happy, Healthy, & Hot! A 30-Day Blueprint to Take Back Your Health


A 30-Day Blueprint to Take Back Your Health and Enjoy a Sexy Body No Matter How Busy You Are

It's time for you to regain control of your schedule, get back in shape and feel great about your body - and this is the step-by-step lifestyle and fitness guide that will make it happen no matter how busy you are.

Life gets so hectic that it can feel like there is not a spare moment left in your day. The end result is usually that your needs are pushed to the back burner and ignored until things calm down someday. And we all know that “someday” never seems to get here.

Of course, your family is the center of your life, as well they should be. But if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t serve them the way they deserve and you feel bad about yourself in the process. Nobody wins.

The good news is that you are ready to break the cycle in your life, and you are a single click from holding the fitness plan to make it happen. By following the steps laid out for you over the next 30 days, you’ll enjoy:

  • Motivation to exercise and eat healthy that comes from establishing clear, personal fitness goals that you create the SMART way
  • Time to take care of your needs - you will love the feeling of being in control of your schedule by following the 1% Rule
  • Renewed energy and self-esteem that will fuel your busy life
  • Confidence about how to lose weight the right way and keep it off by keeping things super simple
  • sexy body that looks great on the outside and is truly healthy on the inside

You deserve to feel happy, be healthy and live with sexy confidence - and your family deserves it from you. It all starts with the right plan and a small step forward. Let's make it happen!

Bonus: 30-Day Challenge Workout Plan - This plan will show you exactly what exercises to do to burn fat, lose weight the right way (and keep it off), and enjoy new levels of energy. The best part is everything can be done without a gym with effective at-home workout routines for women or men. Plus, you'll have access to a full video-based tutorial guiding you through every exercise to make your progress foolproof. The 30-Day Challenge plan is included with your purchase and you'll find the details for access inside this fitness guide.

Bonus: 7-Day Fat Loss Eating Plan - This simple nutrition plan provides sample meals for an entire week to take away all of the guesswork so you can eat healthy, lose weight, and keep it off. When you couple it with the other meal planning resources (also included at no extra charge to ensure your success) included with your Challenge Plan, you'll be all set to show your friends how to lose weight in 30 days and feed your family the healthy recipes they need as well.

"Thanks to Tony and Dustin's plan, we have more energy, bodies we're proud of and our intimacy is much improved. And they make it fun!" – Shawna and Bruce Cevraini, Edmonton

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