Rebuilding Trust


Two imperfect people will at some point during their marriage hurt one another-trust will be violated, words will wound, pain will seem insurmountable.

You can rebuild the trust in your marriage with a commitment by the two of you and a decision to do whatever it takes.


Included in this online audio program collection:

1. Trust
2. A Fork in the Road
3. When Disaster Strikes
4. When the Crap Hits the Fan
5. Coming Home Again
6. Flirting Your Way Back
7. Resilience

Trust is foundational to experiencing the full potential in your marriage. Has trust been broken in your marriage? It's time then to learn how you can rebuild it so you can experience the marriage you desire. 

Once ordered you will receive an email with a link to each program. You then can download to your mobile device or computer.

Run time: 30-40 minutes per show.

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