7 Days of Sex Challenge (2nd Edition)


Life is stressful, but when you are too busy (or tired) to find time for sexual intimacy, it can seem unbearable.

The 7 Days of Sex Challenge provides a fun game-plan for busy couples like you to reboot your intimacy. It eliminates the stress of figuring out what you need to do for 7 days that will be new and creative to try. While you may try it to jump-start your sex life, you’ll enjoy it for the deeper connection it will foster.

You really HAVE to try new things in your sex life or one of you will get bored. This boredom leads to a variety of ripple effects across other areas of your marriage and life.

Why Do You Need 7 Days of Sex Challenge?

  • You are looking to spice up your sexual intimacy
  • You want a guide to keep you on track
  • You desire a deeper connection to your spouse
  • You want to have sex for 7 days straight
  • You could use a tool to heal from past hurts
  • You think there can be more to sexual intimacy than you currently experience

Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo equip couples struggling with a lack of time, communication or intimacy with specific tools and strategies to create the extraordinary relationship they desire.

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