Core Values Workshop - Digital Download


Get Real. Get Close. Get A Game Plan For Navigating All Your Most Important Decisions...

So, you want an easier way to navigate life’s most important decisions with your spouse?

Discovering your Core Values together is the key.

What would it be like to have greater clarity and peace when making the choices that matter with your spouse? Marriage means tackling  "the big things" together, as true teammates. Whether you’re newlyweds, married 5, 10, 30 years or a couple at any stage you will have to navigate big decisions together.

Career changes. Purchasing a home. Setting a loving and wise foundation for your children.

Imagine having a set of values to lean on when making large decisions or times get turbulent with life and family?

Imagine crafting a map for making these tough decisions in advance -- so both partners deepest values are honored and making decisions gets easier and clearer?

Bring on the joy. Ditch the fear.

You can connect with your spouse in an incredible  new way.

Understand and react to each other with deeper kindness. Not the "I have to" that gets you through the day, but connected respect and true compassion. And understand how to honor them in a way that makes life and love easier for both of you.

The not-so-secret path to get there is when both of you explore the things that really matter. As individuals and as a married couple.

Define your individual values. Understand how to bring them together in a way where the things most important to you are lived out every day.

Here’s What You Get

  • Full Length Digital MP4 Video Workshop (75 Minutes)
  • Full Length MP3 Audio Workshop (75 Minutes)
  • Question & Answer Session
  • Full Workbook with Step-by-Step Guide
  • All Presentation Slides

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